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Bloch Eurostretch Pointe Shoes Review by Sandi

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Pretty good! Nov 19, 2015
By SandiMiami, FL

I have a low instep, tapered toes, and almost no arch to speak of. These shoes allow me to go all the way onto the box. I am not a youngster, either - been dancing for the better part of my aged life. I just do pointe for fun now. In any case, the only complaint I have is that the vamp is just a bit high. Although the way the shoe is constructed, it doesn't impede roll-through, it can make my metatarsal area just a bit sore.

I would love it if they made this shoe with a slightly shorter vamp. I wear a size 6.5x on one foot and xx on the other. OR a size 7x on the larger foot. What's nice is that I don't sink in these as I have in others.

I would recommend these for students with at least a year of pointe, who have relatively inflexible ankles, low arch, and low instep.

Bloch Eurostretch Pointe Shoes