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Love the shoe, but needs breaking in Nov 19, 2015
  Review by Anonymous, . I love these shoes, but they take a little more breaking in than the average pointe shoes. Grishko is a very hard shoe, so if you don't have strong ankles and feet, it's probably not meant for you. They lasted me about a month and a half, pretty average for myself. They are really tapered in the front and they make my arches look amazing. I found that I like these much better than my previous shoes, Bloch sonatas. Overall nice shoe, but I wish they would last a little while longer.
Love them Nov 19, 2015
  Review by Anonymous, . I love the grishko maya they are perfect for those who do not have a very high arch( because they have a quartered shank). I have greek tapered toes and my heel is narrower then my ball of my foot, and I have a low arch. They are very easy to get up and down from pointe.They really show off the arch of the foot. And they last a reasonable amount of time. The only thing is they are harder than the other grishkos , so if you wear a medium shank in grishko 2007 you might want to get soft shank for the mayas.

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