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mom Nov 19, 2015
  Review by Trish, Ca. My daughter just bought these shoes, and as soon as she put them on her feet she had a huge smile. She suffers from an ongoing ankle injury, which has been hindering her from fully getting over the box. These shoes gave her the support, comfort, and confidence she has been looking for. I don't know how they hold up, or how she will do in class, but after many different styles, she is a happy dancer.
Best Pointe Shoes EVer Nov 19, 2015
  Review by Happy Camper, Rochester NY. I've been dancing for a long time and these shoes have it all - in my opinion. Built in toe pads, suede heel to prevent slipping and best of all, the stretch satin - why hasn't anyone thought of THAT before? They are incredibly comfortable, they move with the foot and look great. They are brand new so I don't know how they will wear yet. I have arthritis in my right foot, and these will enable me to keep dancing!
Pretty good! Nov 19, 2015
  Review by Sandi, Miami FL. I have a low instep, tapered toes, and almost no arch to speak of. These shoes allow me to go all the way onto the box. I am not a youngster, either - been dancing for the better part of my aged life. I just do pointe for fun now. In any case, the only complaint I have is that the vamp is just a bit high. Although the way the shoe is constructed, it doesn't impede roll-through, it can make my metatarsal area just a bit sore.

I would love it if they made this shoe with a slightly shorter vamp. I wear a size 6.5x on one foot and xx on the other. OR a size 7x on the larger foot. What's nice is that I don't sink in these as I have in others.

I would recommend these for students with at least a year of pointe, who have relatively inflexible ankles, low arch, and low instep.
Awesome! Nov 19, 2015
  Review by Kylie Rehg, Swansea Il. I love these shoes! They solved a lot of problems that most of the other shoes I have had couldn't. They are very comfy and enjoyable to dance in. They hug my arch well and the width is good in my metatarsal area. My mom found them very easy to sew and calls them the Nike of pointe shoes. Definately my new favorite shoe!!!!!
love! Nov 19, 2015
  Review by Kristen, Overland Park KS. My daughter found these shoes locally a couple months ago and they are perfect for her feet. Unfortunately they are on back order and our local store can't get them. I scrambled to find a pair online and was happy to see that these arrived quickly.
Excellent for stiff ankles Nov 19, 2015
  Review by Rebecca, Madison Ct . For me these shoes are perfect. I have a normal arch but very inflexible ankles. I have always had problems getting over the box. This design gets me over well and with the most comfort I have ever experienced. I am 5.5 xx my toes are peasant shaped and fairly short.
It was hard to sew elastic on the stretch section.

Bloch Eurostretch Pointe Shoes